Current RMS web integration.

Many businesses using Current RMS are using services like WIX, Wordpress / WooCommerce or Joomla to manage their site. Our Integrations allow them to simply bolt on a dynamic product list or online store to their existing site.

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Dynamic Product List Features

Dynamic Product List

Our dynamic product list pulls items from your Current RMS account and displays them straight on your site.

Customised Category Display

Put your items in whatever categories you need on the website. You can even display them across multiple categories to make your products more visible.

Custom Product Information

Display more than just the fields Current RMS gives you to display. You can add whatever information you want to use.

Optional Accessories

Provide more opportunities for larger sales by suggesting optional accessories that go with your products on their product pages.

Product Packages

Group gear in packages to drive up your sales by providing better value to your customers with online bookings.

Product Sorting and filtering

Allow Customers to Sort and Filter Products based on price, type or any field you would like.

Display Product Warnings

Customers can still get the same level of information as they would if planning a booking over the phone/email by displaying product information like warnings about any notes or booking requirements.

Customer Contact

Text Messaging

Send professional automated texts to your customers to remind your customers when hires are due for pick up and return.

Automated Emails

Keep your customers in the loop by sending them automated emails.

Live Chat Integration

Allow your customers to reach you instantly by integrating a live chat service utilising Facebook Messenger or Intercom.

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts

Customers will love being able to manage multiple bookings from their accounts, save draft jobs, copy completed jobs to new jobs and much more.

Access whatever they need

Save your staff time by allowing your customers to be able to export invoices and quotes straight from their account.

Launch Bulk Mailout

Once you launch, you can navigate your customers through an onboarding process or even have a simple account creation process all via email.

Social Sign in

Remove a barrier of entry by allowing your customers to sign in with their Google or Facebook accounts.

Online Booking Features

Online Booking

Take on bookings while you’re closed by allowing your customers to book their orders whenever you want. Submitted bookings will notify you and end up as a new opportunity on Current RMS.

Calendar Availability

If you book a strict amount of resources, you can enable a calendar to let customers know when a product is available.

Quickquote Engine

Customers can preview their price up options on the site and submit the booking as an opportunity straight to Current RMS.

Sales & Insights

Quick Search

Help your customers find what they are after faster by providing real time search as they type in a product name.

Sales Manager

List items that you’d like to have on sale as well as the sale period and have them dynamically added to the sales page for any sales campaign you’d like. You can organise your sales months in advance to as quickly as the day before.

Search Request Reports

Learn more about your customers’ most requested items or other types of search information through our search request reports.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Drive up customer loyalty and business by enabling a points based rewards system to thank them for being loyal to your company.

Integration Add-ons

Document Rebrand

You’ve got a new website, why not liven up your picking slips, quotes and invoices to match your fresh new look.

Bulk Product Editor

When you have more than a hundred products it can be tricky to keep them all up to date and edit them all when you need. Our Bulk Product Editor saves you time by allowing you to grid edit products.

Facebook & Instagram Sales Pipeline Integration

Allow customers to shop your products without leaving Facebook or Instagram. Sync your product list with a facebook store and post high end professional ads and provide an advertising experience your competitors won’t be able to keep up with (unless they have Crimson too).

Email Rebrand

You can refresh your customer facing emails in addition to your other documents.

Custom Team Dashboards

The Current Dashboard is cool but a custom built one tailored to your companies look and brand is even cooler. Display your Custom Team Dashboard on a TV in the warehouse to allow your team to work smarter and more efficiently.

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